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The International School of Protocol’s origins go back to the early 1990’s when a group of interested families expressed a desire for their children to be educated in social graces, including the basic steps of ballroom dancing. Thus, My Lady’s Manor Dancing Classes, followed by My Lady’s Manor Dancing and Etiquette Classes, began. This cotillion and etiquette program served more than 150 children each year in grades 2-8. Further interest in an expanded program led the founders Cathleen Hanson and Carol Campbell Haislip to use their respective backgrounds as a college professor of communication and a business executive with an MBA to develop an etiquette and protocol program that incorporated current communication research and real business applications.

The International School of Protocol has served more than one thousand corporations, groups, schools, after school programs, colleges &universities, outreach programs, as well as hundreds of individuals seeking incorporation and practice of good manners, professional development, customer service, intercultural sensitivity, awareness of personal and business protocol, and an interest in teaching etiquette.


"Thank you for taking on the cause of 'bringing back civility' one person at a time. The program you have designed is remarkable and we are looking forward to carrying it out in our community.” -Miss Harriet’s Dance Studio, Michigan.
“I am writing to tell you how much my sons [...]enjoyed the Table Manners program. They talk about the program at every meal and take what they have learned very seriously. Thank you so much for everything you have taught my sons. You managed to do in 4 weeks what I have been unable to do in the past 4 years!” -Danyiel
"You did a wonderful job of sharing your vast experiences and knowledge with the participants. What I found particularly helpful was the modeling of the activities and your openness in sharing your personal experiences in regard to marketing and pricing. It’s fantastic to have people who know what they are doing to help others succeed. Both of you did exactly that." -Kelly, 2008
“Everything I learned and everything I saw made me excited about becoming part of your brand and helping to fulfill your mission." -Julie, 2008
"The program was all I had expected and more. I was impressed with the quality of your presentation and materials, and with your comprehensive knowledge of all etiquette and protocol matters. [...] The tips your shared concerning marketing, pricing, and the division of topics for course offerings were also quite helpful. [...] You model what you teach with grace. Your teaching style, professional dress, communication skills, and many demonstrations of kindness made the training pleasant and valuable. I left with the confidence necessary to establish my own business, for which I will always be grateful." -Cindy, 2010
"Many thanks for [...] guiding me through the Adult and Business Professional course.  As always, your materials are clear and concise and your approach purely professional [...] Above all, it is an honor to be associated with The International School of Protocol and to call you friends." -Jill, 2011
"I would like to thank you for all your help preparing me for my interviews [...] The questions we reviewed were almost the exact interview questions. After I left I felt confident in how I had done [...] I have been accepted to West Point. Thank you for all of your help preparing me for my interview." -Stephan, 2007