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Cathleen Hanson, Director provides training for business executives, corporations, politicians, groups, schools and colleges and has appeared on radio and television talk shows. Prior to founding The International School of Protocol, Cathleen Hanson was a university professor of communication and nationally recognized speech and debate coach. In addition to coaching national champions in speech and debate, she taught courses in the area of public speaking, business communication, group communication, and nonverbal communication. She is an award winning speaker and writer whose syndicated columns appeared in over 30 publications nationwide. As a fully engaging top-notch teacher, her emphasis is on teaching adults, teens and children what she considers to be skills for life. Ms. Hanson holds a Masters in Communication Theory and Research and is also a founding partner of Road to Success: Career Development Program.




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Years of working in the business world as a department manager, recruiter, trainer and negotiator led Senior Associate, Marsha Hall, to realize that social and communication skills were the keys to success. When teaching, she emphasizes the importance of these skills. Her friendly and upbeat approach make her a favorite among children and teens. Ms. Hall holds a Bachelor of Science in Business.